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New Free Canon Blue Single and Video

Nashville based Canon Blue aka the lovely Daniel James released his 2nd and praised album Rumspringa August 29th on Rumraket

Now he has kindly made his enthralling song A Native (Madison) available for free download as the 2nd single from the album. 

A Native (Madison) by Canon Blue

On top of this Canon Blue has a new video for a third song, that being Bows & Arrows (Vegas). The video can be watched exclusively via the website of Interview Magazine

The deluxe CD edition of Rumspringa, designed by Hvass&Hannibal, is available in the Rumraket Shop and the album can also be bought digitally on iTunes and many other shops.

Some Rumspringa quotes: 

Gaffa (DK) - 5/6 - Rigt orkestreret, komplekst komponeret og udsøgt eksperimenterende

Elle (DK) - 5/6
- Månedens Album!

Dagens Skiva (SE) - 7/10 - Ambitiösa popsymfonier … Avantgardistisk pop

New York Times (US) - Orchestral indie-pop love songs… Rich, ambitious and very contemporary.  

More quotes at

Visit Canon Blue at


Canon Blue ‘Rumspringa’ Released Today!

So happy to finally release this album!
There are already some fine reviews coming in like:

Gaffa (DK) - 5/6
- Rigt orkestreret, komplekst komponeret og udsøgt eksperimenterende indiepop.

Elle (DK) - 5/6 - Månedens Album!

Dagens Skiva (SE) - 7/10 - Ambitiösa popsymfonier … Avantgardistisk pop.

Soundvenue (DK) - 4/6 - Det er en frydefuld oplevelse at lytte til amerikanske Daniel James’ andet album. Hermed anbefalet.

To celebrate the release we have also made another track available for streaming. The beautiful song Honeysuckle (Milwaukee): Honeysuckle (Milwaukee) by Canon Blue
You can buy ‘Rumspringa’ on CD in a deluxe cover designed by Hvass&Hannibal through the Rumraket Shop or digital via iTunes.    

Here is the full Press Release for Canon Blue ‘Rumspringa’

Back in 2006, we (Efterklang) were contacted by an American artist from Nashville who presented himself as Canon Blue. We listened to his demos and immediately fell in love. We were proud and happy when, in 2007, we could release his debut album Colonies which Daniel James (the man behind Canon Blue) had finished in collaboration with Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear. It took almost two years from the first electronic contact before we finally got to meet Daniel. Since then we have spent many fine hours with him as he often joins Efterklang’s live band. Daniel makes some of our absolute favorite music and he is one of our absolute favorite human beings. Like his music, he is generous, big-hearted and deeply inspiring, and we are thankful to be able to call him our friend. Except for future Efterklang releases, Rumspringa will be the very last release on Rumraket, the label we started back in 2003. We can‘t think of a better finish. Enjoy listening!
- Rasmus Stolberg, Efterklang

A tour de force if there ever was one, ‘Rumspringa' is a dynamic, lush and orchestral Magnum Opus. It has taken Daniel James (aka Canon Blue) more than two years to complete this album and all of his hard work has paid off.

The album is as tender as it is spectacular, playful and intense. Dramatic and pulsating arrangements for clarinets and brass weave in and out of warm and lavish sting arrangements. Underneath lies intricate percussion patterns and feisty drums and guitars, while Daniel James’ eloquent lyrics and vocal center everything backed by high-spirited choir arrangements.

As hard as it is to explain, this music is as inviting and uplifting to listen to. Followers of Sufjan Stevens, Steve Reich and eccentric pop music in general can look forward to listening to this marvel.

The record was written while touring the world with Efterklang, and primarily recorded in the off-hours at their Copenhagen studio. Mads and Casper from Efterklang helped produce the record that features guest appearances by no less than 16 musicians, among them several other Rumraket artists; Slaraffenland, Efterklang and amiina.

Artwork for Rumspringa by Hvass&Hannibal


Canon Blue ‘Rumspringa’ arrives on Monday - Video Cavalcade

On Monday we release ‘Rumspringa' by Canon Blue. A record we are immensely proud to release. 

Daniel James, the man behind Canon Blue has uploaded a string of small videos to give you a taste of the record. You can watch them all below.

You can also listen to the single ‘Indian Summer (Des Moines)' and if you are game you can buy the record already from today in the digital stores and via the 

Daniel is a close friend of ours. He plays guitar in the Efterklang live-band and Mads and Casper from Efterklang produced ‘Rumspringa’ with him. Please welcome him and his heart-warming and ear-opening music.

Indian Summer (Des Moines) 


Canon Blue - Honeysuckle Blip from Canon Blue.

Canon Blue - Heavy Heart Blip from Canon Blue.

Lulls from Canon Blue.

Canon Blue - Velveteenager Blip from Canon Blue.

Canon Blue - Autark Blip from Canon Blue.

Canon Blue - Chicago Blip from Canon Blue.


Canon Blue Announces Rumspringa - Free Single Download

[pre-order CANON BLUE - Rumspringa here]

The very last non-Efterklang release on Rumraket will be the upcoming full-length from Canon Blue, the solo project from American multi-instrumentalist Daniel James who currently is touring the US supporting Foster The People.

Rumspringa will be available on August 29th and to celebrate the release, Canon Blue is making the first single available for free download today and same time announcing the track list and stunning artwork by Danish design duo Hvass&Hannibal.

Listen to Indian Summer:

Download: Indian Summer

After recording the record’s skeleton in Copenhagen with the aid of Efterklang and Slaraffenland, Daniel James traveled to Iceland to record string arrangements with amiina. The expansive, gleeful result is an ingenious combination of the old and the new, a lush minimalism that allows James’ graceful lyrics to float through the air as if time is suspended. The songs combine the soulful intimacy of Jeff Buckley and the playful whimsy of Sufjan Stevens with the stately meditation of Steve Reich and Philip Glass.

Canon Blue’s auspicious beginnings are rooted in the 2007 debut album, Colonies, a bedroom electronic folk collaboration with Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor. The upcoming record sees James fully realizing his role as both composer and songwriter, something he has learned through his years on the road on his own and as the guitarist in Efterklang’s live band. Having explored the world and explored his own musical potential and desires, this is the result—a record that is neither new nor old, neither completely contemplative nor completely giddy, but certainly complete, and certainly a wonder to behold. 


01. Chicago (Chicago)
02. Autark (Nashville)
03. Indian Summer (Des Moines)
04. Honeysuckle (Milwaukee)
05. Velveteenager (Minneapolis B)
06. Heavy Heart (Minneapolis A)
07. Lulls (Memphis)
08. Fading Colors (Bloomington)
09. A Native (Madison)
10. Bows & Arrows (Vegas)
11. Andalusia (Davenport)

Canon Blue, Rumspringa artwork by Hvass&Hannibal
Artwork for Rumspringa by Hvass&Hannibal


New Canon Blue Record - The End of Rumraket

Back in 2003 we (the members of Efterklang) established the record label Rumraket out of necessity as no labels back then were interested in releasing our music. Shortly after we signed a record deal with The Leaf Label (and recently 4AD) and Rumraket was no longer a necessity it was something we loved to do on the side. We kept the label and signed Grizzly Bear as our first non-Efterklang band in 2005.

Rumraket released Grizzly Bear’s debut album Horn of Plenty in most parts of Europe, and this was followed by records from the rather obscure Japanese artists Cacoy and Kama Aina. Hereafter Rumraket became the base for bands like Slaraffenland (dk), Taxi Taxi! (se), Erik Levander (se) and Canon Blue (us). During the last six years we have released more than 25 titles - among them smaller releases from Our Broken Garden (dk) and amiina (is).

All that will now come to an end. August 29th Rumraket will release Rumspringa, the second album from American artist Canon Blue. Rumraket will not close entirely,but Rumspringa will be the last release on Rumraket, which isn’t an Efterklang release. We will continue to use the label as Efterklang’s base in Scandinavia and therefore this is only almost the end of Rumraket.

We are very proud of all the records we have released throughout the years and the many musicians and artists we have worked with are today some of our very best friends. We would can only thank them for so much wonderful music and memories.

We are closing Rumraket because we no longer have the resources and more importantly the time to run the label. When you are releasing records made by your best friends you want to do your absolute best, but with all our tours and other projects this is no longer possible for us.

The last (non Efterklang) release on Rumraket is as mentioned Canon Blue’s Rumspringa. We can’t think of a more appropriate record to end with. A tour de force if there ever was one, Rumspringa is a dynamic, lush and orchestral Magnum Opus. It has taken Daniel James aka Canon Blue more than two years completing this album and all his hard work has paid off.

Daniel James recorded the album in Copenhagen, Berlin and Reykjavik in close collaboration with Mads Brauer and Casper Clausen from Efterklang who helped produce the record. Mads also mixed the record which features guest appearances from members of Slaraffenland, Efterklang and amiina who recorded all the string parts in Iceland. Hvass&Hannibal will do the artwork for the record as they have with many others of the past Rumraket releases.

Rumspringa by Canon Blue will be released August 29th. Outside of Scandinavia the record will be released on American label Temporary Residence.

We look forward to share some music and more details about Rumspringa real soon. - -


Three New Efterklang Releases OUT NOW!

This week not only one but three new Efterklang titles have been released. The newest single from recent album Magic Chairs and then two deluxe 2CD reissues of Efterklang’s first two albums including the EPs that preceded the two albums. 

This is the third single from Magic Chairs, Efterklang’s third album. The single has been released digitally and the “b-side” is a beautiful cover of Harmonics (another Magic Chairs song) made by Peter Broderick and Nils Frahm. Both of these fine gentlemen are incredible musicians, composers and human beings and we encourage you to not only take a listen to their cover of Harmonics but also their entire back catalogs.

You can find the new Raincoats single and Harmonics on iTunes and similar shops.

Our debut album Tripper (2004) and 2nd album Parades (2007) have been out of print for a while, but now they come back better than ever!

Tripper is now paired with the Springer EP from 2003 and Parades is now paired with the Under Giant Trees EP from 2007.

Both new titles comes as double discs including new packaging and a 16 paged booklet including liner notes from the band.

Efterklang have always seen Tripper and Springer as a set and likewise with Parades and Under Giant Trees so they are happy to see that the albums now share homes with their matching EPs.

You can buy these new reissues in good record stores and online using the Rumraket Shop or the The Leaf Label Shop.


best random band email ever: Louis Picasso

Rumraket got this email from a band that we don´t know. We get quite a lot of emails from random bands, but this is the best one yet and therefore I have decided to present it here in its entirety. The MP3 is not my cup of tea but it is fun!


Listen to Louis Picasso, l’original, le meilleur, le plus beau… L O  U I S P I C A S S O.

Louis Picasso

L O U I S  P I C A S S O, le Picasso de la House music…

"Vodka, whisky, gin, ron.  No, fruit juice".

((I uploaded the MP3 on our Rumraket server you can listen here))


A playground near my house. Efterklang used a photo of this wooden thing on the cover og their recent EP ‘I was playing drums’. I just climbed it instead.


A playground near my house. Efterklang used a photo of this wooden thing on the cover og their recent EP ‘I was playing drums’. I just climbed it instead.



So far 2010 has been a great year for Slaraffenland´s and Efterklang’s mutant-band SlaraffenKLANG and today we can reveal another highlight! The release of their new free live EP entitled PRINSER & VIKINGER Live at the Royal Danish Playhouse.

The new EP is available for free and holds 5 songs all recorded at January 24th 2010 when SlaraffenKLANG guested the Royal Danish Playhouse in Copenhagen.

SlaraffenKLANG don´t write their own songs. They don´t even have a website or Facebook page. They have absolutely no career ambitions. Why should you even care? Because it is nothing but music and the joy of it and it is here for you to download - if you want to! and for free!

DOWNLOAD RUMFREE03: SlaraffenKLANG - Prinser & Vikinger - for free - zip archive including liner notes and artwork.

2: CUTTING ICE TO SNOW (Slaraffenland covers Efterklang)
3: POSTCARD (Efterklang covers Slaraffenland)

MIRAGONE is a mash-up of the Efterklang song Mirador and the Slaraffenland song Long Gone. FALLING MIRROR is a mash-up of the Slaraffenland song Falling Out and the Efterklang song Mirror Mirror.

Some selected press quotes on Slaraffenklang:

Rolling Stone Magazine, David Fricke “like an entangled Animal Collective and Arcade Fire, with much more fire in the engine room” 6 of 6 stars! "en magisk duel"

Gaffa 5 of 6 stars! “et fanastisk bekendtskab af vellyd og venlig legesyge”

Undertoner 5 of 6 stars! "Med 10 mand på scenen var der plads til hidtil ukendte nuancer og lag i trommespil, messingblæsere, fløjter, elektronik og naturligvis vokaler, hvis harmonier eller enstemmige kordannelser ofte bar musikken alene."